On… The Realities Of Blogging

Take a look at the date of this entry and the date of the last entry.  Notice anything?  A huge gap.  This is the reality of actually having a web log.  Unless it is part of your day to day job something will eventually get in the way of you writing a blog, what’s more once you have missed one entry it is very easy to miss another. So it goes that you end up staring down the barrel of a month of inactivity, then it is easy to let it just rot and think about doing something else.

The other route is to go for much shorter entries.  Then god forbid top ten lists.  I was very conscious that I wanted to avoid this.  I set out to write at least one entry a week that was over three hundred words long, an entry of substance.  This has made a rod for my own back, I started trying to find subjects that I had opinions on, that I felt I could write a good amount about.  I realised that I was just adding noise to cacophony of opinions that weblogs seem to be.

On top of this comes a week spent at TechEd in Barcelona.  With that came my re-discovery of my passion for development.  So I’m changing direction of this weblog a bit by writing about the changing face of how we are developing at work.  I’ll start from Monday with an explanation of what we are doing and then probably with shorter entries as we go on.


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